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Pall Marc which was incorporated in 1976, supplying marine equipment to customers in South East Asia. We later formed a partnership with J.P Sauer & Sohn in our formative years and almost 30 years on we remain the official distributor for the complete range of Sauer Compressors and genuine spare parts for the marine industry in the region. We stand behind 40 years of first hand experience to bring you the best in marine equipment the industry has to offer.

With nearly 30 years of relationship with J.P Sauer & Sohn to distribute the complete range of genuine Sauer Compressors and spare parts.

1. Why use original parts?
  • Guaranteed life time of the parts (e.g. up to 4000 h for stage valves)
  • Lowest stable maintenance costs
  • Best performance of the compressors for reliable and smooth running


3. How to maintain a Sauer Compressor?

Sauer Easy Care

Your maintenance has never been so easy. “Sauer Easy Care” is a simple and easy maintenance concept with guaranteed maintenance intervals, highest operational reliability at lowest costs. “Sauer Easy Care”, keep the pressure in your compressor and not on you.

■ to keep the budget

■ to keep the ship in operation

■ to save time in the office and on the ship

Sauer Easy Care – your maintenance has never been so easy!

4. What lubrication oil should be used for Piston Compressors?


  • Diesel Sigma S 30 SAE-30
  • Dicrea 100 VDL-100
  • Acer 100 VDL-100
  • Motor Oil HD 30 SAE-30
  • Cladium 50 SAE-30
  • Dicrea SX 100 VDL-100 (synthetic)


  • Energol OE-HT 30 SAE-30
  • Vanellus C3 SAE 30 SAE-30
  • Enersyn RX 100 VDL-100 (synthetic)


  • Aircol PD 1001 VDL-100 (Only for 3-stage air-cooled compressors for air compression)
  • Aircol SN 100 VDL-100 (synthetic)


  • HD Compressor Oil 100 VDL-100
  • Delo 1000 Marine 30 SAE-30
  • Veritas 800 Marine 30 SAE-30
  • Compressor Oil Tegra 100 VDL-100 (synthetic)


  • Renolin 504 VDL-100
  • Renolin SE 100 VDL-100 (synthetic)
  • Renolin Unisyn OL 100 VDL-100 (synthetic)


  • Daphne Marine Oil SY 30 SAE-30


  • Avilub Verdichteröl VDL-100
  • Dynasynth VDL 100 VDL-100 (synthetic)


  • Rarus 427 VDL-100
  • Mobilgard 300 SAE-30
  • Mobilgard 312 SAE-30
  • Delvac 1630 SAE-30
  • Rarus 827 VDL-100 (synthetic)


  • Corena S2 P 100 VDL-100
  • Rimula R3+30 SAE-30
  • Melina S 30 SAE-30
  • Gadinia 30 SAE-30
  • Corena S4 P 100 VDL-100 (synthetic)


  • MARWAY 1030 SAE-30
  • COMPWAY 100 ISO VG 100 (synthetic)


  • Compressor Oil EP VDL 100 VDL-100
  • Regal EP 100 VDL-100
  • Ursatex 30 SAE-30


  • Dacnis 100 VDL-100
  • Disola M 3015 SAE-30
5. What lubrication oil should be used for Rotary Compressors?


  • Energol RC-R 46 VDL-46
  • Energol RC-R 46-4000 VDL-46
  • Enersyn RC-S 46 VDL-46 (synthetic)
  • Enersyn RC-S 46-8000 ISO VG 46 (synthetic)


  • Aircol PD 46 VDL-46
  • Aircol SR 46 VDL-46 (synthetic)


  • Auriga EP 46 ISO VG 46
  • CETUS PAO 46 VDL-46 (synthetic)


  • Renolin SC 46 VCL-46
  • Renolin Unisyn Ol 46 ISO VG 46 (synthetic)
  • Renolin Cool + ISO VG 46 (synthetic)


  • Rarus 425 VDL-46


  • Corena S2 R 46 VCL-46


  • Dacnis VS 46 VDL-46
6. What are the advantages of a 3 Stroke Air Cooled Compressor

Less temperature – Due to physical laws, air is heated during compression. The final compression temperature is dependant on the compression ratio in each stage. By dividing up the total compression ration into 3 stages, lower compression temperatures in the cylinders and valves can be achieved compared to a 2 stage water-cooled compressor.

Less maintenance cost – With lower compression temperatures, thermal cracking of the lubricating oil will not be reached and consequently the compressor valves will not be soiled by oil coke. Thus Sauer can guarantee maintenance intervals of 2,000 hours for the valves which reduce the maintenance cost compared to a 2 stage water-cooled compressor.

Less installation cost – By eliminating the need for a cooling water circuit with its flanges, packings, fittings and water pumps, a higher reliability and an easier control and supervision of the compressor is achieved. In addition that an auxiliary with less interfaces is installed, the weight and space is smaller thus enabling the use of a lighter and less expensive foundation. The compressor needs be placed near an existing ventilation, this reduces the need to increase the total ventilation of the ship.