We stand behind 40 years of first hand experience to bring you the best

marine equipment the industry has to offer

Company Profile


Pall Marc was first incorporated in 1976, supplying marine equipment to customers in South East Asia. We later formed a partnership with J.P Sauer & Sohn in our formative years and 30 years on, we remain the official distributor for the complete range of Sauer marine compressors and genuine spare parts for the region.

Our main core of activity has been to supply marine equipment to shipping and naval fleets in the region . Since our inception, we have also partnered up with leading manufacturers from Europe to offer state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line equipment for the shipping, naval and offshore marine industry.

Our experience in the South East Asian region over an illustrious heritage of 40 years has allowed us to establish ourselves as a trusted partner in the marine industry. We are determined to grow together with our customers and while we find it important to focus on strengthening current relationships with existing customers, forging relationships with new customers so that they can benefit from what we can offer is just as crucial to us.




Over the years, Pall Marc has set itself to be an important partner for multiple leading manufacturers from Europe. As a supplement to supplying top-notch marine equipment, we also run a comprehensive and dedicated ‘before’ and ‘after’ sales program – we pride ourselves in providing top-of-the-line marine equipment at competitive prices, backed with full technical support for all the products we carry.

In line with being reliable and competitive, we also keep an extensive stock of the complete range of genuine Sauer compressor spare parts – a goal we have undertaken to provide the highest value to all our customers who turn to us.

Every Sauer Compressor component we carry comes with a certificate of conformity and authenticity – our affirmation that we stand behind every product that we provide to the market with confidence.