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Global businesses often encounter unforeseen challenges which require a quick decision to determine the best way forward. This is most effective when sufficient information is available. Pall Mar Group understands that we offer a unique perspective of being close to the customer in our region, having the relevant expertise, and open access to our manufacturer’s technical team. Pall Marc Group believes that listening and understanding matters properly before embarking on a solution is the best way to ensure that we get things right the first time. Therefore the ability to coordinate the relevant information between our customer and manufacturer make us the most efficient option to tackle global challenges.

Pall Marc Group is the only Asia Premium Distributor for Hoyer Motors. We keep an extensive stock in our warehouse to support our regular customers, or all vessels coming through Singapore in the event of urgent motor requirements. We ensure that our stock levels are able to support the quick supply of a wide range of motors at all times. We provide an added service for our key customers to ensure minimum stock of their critical motors.

We also have an extensive stock of Sauer Compressors fast moving spare parts in our Singapore warehouse. This caters to both the shipping and navy markets as the compressors are critical for smooth operation of vessels. We work closely with Sauer to ensure availability of the compressor wear and tear parts. This includes increasing stock levels in the event of a forecasted shortage by sub suppliers.

Pall Marc Group stand behind every product we deliver and offer commissioning support to our customers to ensure that every of our equipment is installed properly and expert advice in given to the operators. All commissioning work is done by trained professionals with detailed reports for system checks.

When it comes to new building projects, Pall Marc Group acts as the single point of contact for all sales and technical support required to ensure proper installation and start up operation of our equipment. This includes arrangements for FAT inspection and documentation, to installation, commissioning and local training during commissioning.

Pall Marc Group offers maintenance support in case our customers require a trained engineer to carry out any maintenance for their equipment. This may come in the form of on board support for the more complicated maintenance routines, or customers can send us their equipment to be serviced in our fully equipped workshop.

As part of our customer focus initiative, we take every opportunity available to provide the crew with hands on training should we be engaged to maintain the equipment on board our customer’s vessels. We also evaluate every maintenance request to determine if our services are the most efficient option to take. Most maintenance routines can be easily done by the ship’s crew and we would first provide maintenance advise and maintenance videos as a first step. In the even that direct support from us is an effective solution, we will provide our quote.

Pall Marc Group is the single point of contact for our customers to handle the end to end process of any claim. We have over 40 years of supplying high end, critical equipment to shipping and navy customers in South East Asia, and we stand by our commitment to ensure that each equipment delivered is of the highest quality and performance.

In the rare event of defects encountered on equipment delivered by us, we have developed an efficient process to investigate the root cause and determine corrective actions to take. In complicated scenarios, we know that global businesses cannot wait for long to resolve an issue. Therefore, our general approach is to resolve the problem first, then provide the full evaluation later.

We again take claim handling one step further for our key customers who have a service contract with us. Through scheduled health checks of the equipment, we store all information required for claims in our database so our customers only need to inform us of the defect, and claims can be processed without further action from them.

Over 40 years of experience in the shipping and navy industries has provided us with a rich experience of the importance of on time delivery and pro-activeness to address all delivery challenges that are part of everyday life in the business. We understand that time is money and safety for our customers, and know that performance is only as good as the weakest link.

Pall Marc Group has been delivering critical parts and equipment to customers since our inception and we are no strangers to the snowball effect a late delivery can have. We therefore place high priority to all aspects of our support for customers including deliveries.

We do not only rely on our manufacturer’s delivery conditions but take a step further to support our customers by keeping a local stock. In addition, we also have access to our partner’s network of global stock and will act as the single point of contact to coordinate deliveries throughout the globe. For key customers, we provide the service of ensuring available stock in our warehouse for their critical equipment.

As the regional distributor of our products, we are in the best position to evaluate technical matters with our customers. We take this responsibility seriously and know that our customers depend on us for the smooth operation of their equipment to ensure efficient operations for their business. As such, all departments in Pall Marc Group available to contribute to provide evaluate options and offer the best technical support available.  Our long history and understanding of the market, regular staff training and access to our manufacturer’s technical team give us all the tools required to be our customer’s best option for technical advice. Pall Marc Group focuses on “Quality” and not “Quantity” as our approach to ensure that every technical matter is handled and resolved effectively.

We at Pall Marc Group believe that attention to detail is critical in supporting our customers for all service requirements. As such, we offer global on board inspection options by our in house and partner network of service engineers to provide an expert assessment of issues encountered. We offer a single point of contact with a global reach in this way. For complicated problems which may arise, we believe that this is the fastest way to identify the root cause and implement corrective actions.

We also take the opportunity of localised training to ship crews while on board the vessel to ensure that key concepts for installation, operations and maintenance are conveyed. This has been an effective channel for knowledge transfer to the crew.

Knowledge sharing is a key component of how we at Pall Marc Group provide preventive solutions to our customers to prevent unnecessary cost and problems which operating the products we carry. One mode in which we do this is by conducting regular trainings for our priority customers.  With the support of qualified trainers from our principle, we ensure each training is provides participants with the highest level of expertise to understand the product and how to operate and maintain it properly.


The objective of each training is to gain knowledge about our list of State of the Art equipment for shipping or navy, and its respective preventive maintenance concept. Participants will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about proper installation, operation and maintenance of our equipment. It is designed to be a “get and give” event through the form of open discussions about real operating challenges faced. Each class is usually capped at 15 participants to ensure maximum benefit and learning opportunities.


PMG also conducts seminars to present new product launches or updates in our range of equipment.